Wills, Estate Planning and Probate

Wills, Estate Planning and Probate

We are offering substantial discounts on all estate planning. We will prepare Wills, Advance Directives for Health Care, and Financial Powers of Attorney at these discounted fees.

Individual $450.00 Normally $750.00
Married couple $600.00  Normally $1000.00
Minors trust add $150.00
Taxable or complex estates will be quoted when we discuss your needs.
We will send you an information sheet and I will call you to discuss choices and decisions, then we will prepare your documents and you will only need to come to the office one time to sign them.   We encourage you to make this a priority.

Estate Planning

Everyone wants “just a simple will.” It is true that everyone needs a will in order to give direction to our families after death. Otherwise, spouses and children, by law, may share the estate and other important matters may go unresolved.

What many people do not realize, however, is that they may actually need an estate plan rather than a simple will.

Unlike a simple will, a comprehensive estate plan can provide for minor children, second marriages, family businesses and farms, life insurance incorporation, college planning and federal estate tax planning. Advance Medical Directives were previously called Living Wills and then Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care. They are required under federal law for hospital patients.  These documents can also help patients and family members avoid making difficult decisions at moments of crisis. These matters are best discussed and decided upon before you or a family member find yourself in the hospital.  Financial Powers of Attorney is the third document in a basic plan that everyone should have.


Probate is the process of appointing someone either named in a will or chosen by the heirs to handle the business of the decedent. The Probate Court grants power to the executor or administrator to sign the name of the decedent on legal documents. (Like a power of attorney for a living person). The representative will usually hire an attorney to walk they through the process, prepare deeds and help transfer titles to vehicles. We try to simplify the process and will walk you through every step needed to close out the estate timely. We are keenly aware that this is an emotionally fragile time for most people.