Child Support

Wade H. Everett divorce attorney approaches each case individually. Although most Georgia divorce cases address common issues, such as Georgia Child Support, each of Wade H. Everett’s clients has specific needs and goals and we design a strategy that considers all of their personal circumstances, needs and goals.

We always thoroughly explain the legal options and the likely consequences to the client so our clients can make an informed decisions about the best course of action for themselves.

Georgia Divorce Law – Child Support Can Deviate From The Guidelines

Child Support, under Georgia Divorce Law, is determined primarily by the use of a formula. However, there are circumstances whereby the amount of child support can deviate from this formula. The Divorce Law firm of Wade H. Everett can assist you in completing the child support worksheet and guide and represent you before the courts if there are circumstances where the guidelines are not appropriate. Child Support issues are one of the most prevalent reasons for seeking a Divorce Decree Modification. It is not unusual, if a divorce occurs when children are young, for numerous requests for modification are filed.

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