Family Law

Resolving Family Law Disputes

Let a Specialized Attorney Help Resolve your Family Law Disputes With Integrity And Civility When facing family law issues, you need an attorney who focuses extensively on resolving your family’s problems, the Legal, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual and Social.  You need someone who understands the stress you are dealing with.  Wade has handled divorce and family law cases for more than 35 years.  His focus is on helping your family find workable solutions, allowing you to move on with your new life.  You may no longer be Husband and Wife but you will always be Dad and Mom.  Litigation is temporary but what you do in a case will affect the rest of your and your families life.  I teach my clients to view Divorce as an Event and living Divorced as a process that never ends. The right lawyer will ensure that all matters that should be settled in a divorce are resolved. Acting without a lawyer could end up being a costly mistake, both to the parties involved, and to their children.

Wade and his professional staff have the experience to handle your family law challenge regardless of what complexities may develop throughout the life of your case.

Wade’s practice areas are extensive and include:

  • Resolving your divorce in the way that works best for you. Some couples prefer to utilize collaborative divorce principles, which allow them and their spouse to work together to resolve their divorce issues. Others need to go through traditional litigation. In whichever venue you choose, I can help you deal with all of the major issues, including property division, support and custody.
  • Protecting your child’s interests and your parental rights when dealing with custody and visitation matters. I strive to help all parents and children maintain strong bonds and relationships wherever possible. My law office is also ready to assist grandparents in asserting their rights to maintaining a relationship with their grandchildren as dictated by state law.
  • Determining child support payments so that your child’s needs are met fairly by both parents.
  • Modifying child custody and support payments when circumstances and children’s needs change.

Though divorce disputes have a reputation for being highly contentious, generally both parties are ill-served by a high degree of legal conflict. By using settlement negotiation, mediation and collaborative methods, I have helped clients resolve the majority of divorce cases outside of court.