Securing your Future – Just as an Anchor Secures a boat in a storm, our mission is to Secure your Future during those storms of life.  We offer a common sense approach to legal problems by first addressing the current emotional, financial and  legal issues and then plan how our decisions will affect your future.

Wade H Everett PC
Nickie and Wade Everett

Why Wade Everett?

I have often been told “Wade, you don’t act like a lawyer,  you are easy to talk to and you do not talk down to me”. If you are seeking common sense advice from someone who will take the time to listen to you, call me today.

The most emotional time of your life can occur when you are involved in any legal process:

  • Domestic or Family Law
  • Financial Crisis
  • Death of a Family Member = Probate
  • Automobile Accident
  • Starting, Selling or Closing a Business

We are experienced in handling the legal, financial and emotional issues that are an integral part of these cases. We take the time to discuss the emotional issues in order to better resolve the legal and financial issues.