Cartersville, Georgia Attorney and Counselor

Family Counselor/Lawyer/Attorney

The most emotional time of your life can occur when you are involved in:

Child Support Modifications
Change of Custody and Visitation
Contempt Actions
Name Changes

We are experienced in handling the legal, financial and emotional issues that are a controlling part of these cases. We take the time to discuss the emotional issues in order to better resolve the legal and financial issues.


A lawyer will ensure that all matters that should be settled in a divorce are resolved. Acting without a lawyer could end up being a costly mistake, both to the parties involved, and to their children.


Individuals who are having problems paying their bills, or who are threatened by a creditor with a lawsuit, a garnishment or a seizure of property, often consider bankruptcy as a solution to their problems. The bankruptcy law is a federal law, which is available throughout the United States. Bankruptcy Courts are federal courts.

Family Counseling

Estate Planning

Everyone wants “just a simple will.”It is true that everyone needs a will in order to give direction to our families after death. Otherwise, spouses and children, by law, may share the estate and other important matters may go unresolved.

What many people do not realize, however, is that they may actually need an estate plan rather that a simple will.

Unlike a simple will, a comprehensive estate plan can provide for minor children, second marriages, family businesses and farms, life insurance incorporation, college planning and federal estate tax planning. Wills and durable powers of attorney for health care, which are similar to living wills, are required under federal law for hospital patients.

These wills can also help patients and family members avoid making difficult decisions at moments of crisis. These matters are best discussed and decided upon before you or a family member find yourself in the hospital.

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